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Jason Hubbard
Geeks on Wheels

Printer & Gadget Support Services
  • Support for Printers, Digital Cameras, Mp3 players, PDAs, Wireless network & more
  • Setup new / old DIGICAMs with PC
  • Help connect the right cables and connectors
  • Remotely install / update the drivers, software & updates for Digital Camera
  • Help use the basic features of Digital Camera.
  • Help transfer / print your favorite pictures from Digital Camera
  • Setup iPod, Zune, Creative Zen, Dell Juke Box and more
  • Install / Update the software & drivers
  • Show basic & advanced features of MP3 player
  • Resolve device conflicts, errors when connecting the MP3 player
  • Recommend the most appropriate accessories for MP3 player
  • Set up HP, Dell, Lexmark, Epson printers, scanners & All in Ones and more
  • Install / Update the printer software & drivers
  • Configure printer to machine / Network.
  • Diagnose & resolve printer connection, device conflicts
  • Optimize printer software for improved performance
  • Help perform a test print.
  • Setup & Synchronize, O2, Palm One, IPAQ, BlackBerry, iPhone and more
  • Remotely Install / Update drivers, software & firmware
  • How to use the basic/advanced features of PDA, Smartphone
  • Synchronize Contacts, Mails, Calendar and more
  • Recommend appropriate accessories for PDA / Smart Phone

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PC & Mac Support Services
  •  Virus / Trojan / Spyware / Backdoor Infections removal service  
  •  Malware removal service
  •  Troubleshoot and resolve Windows/OS X errors/Blue screen
  •  Diagnose customer Desktop, Laptop Hardware issues
  •  Install / Uninstall Software, Applications, Drivers and other programs
  •  Configure Windows Firewall & Automatic updates
  •  Repair internet connection and browser errors
  •  Run complete spyware , adware and virus scan
  •  Run utilities for hard drive to enhance the performance
  •  Resolve ISP issues for AOL / Verizon / SBC Yahoo / MSN and more
  •  Perform diagnostics on faulty Internet connection & repair it
  •  Troubleshoot browser (IE, Netscape, Mozilla etc.) error messages
  •  Remove all Browser Hijacks
  •  Configure Firewall & Security Policies for PC’s safety
  •  Suggest & implement of latest Internet Security measures
  •  Windows Installation / Re-Installation / System Restore
  •  Data Transfer backup and recovery
  •  Check/Repair Hard Disk Errors
  •  Accelerate Downloads and Web Surfing
  •  Delete Unnecessary Files
  •  Optimize System Configuration
  •  Clean Windows Registry
  •  Fix All Other Problems (i.e. errors, program issues)

Router & Network Support Services
  •  Setup & configure wired, wifi new/existing network 
  •  Remotely Install/Update network drivers & software
  •  Configure & show how to enable Security & Firewall
  •  Scan & remove IP conflicts within the network devices
  •  Show how to share folders, drives, files, printers within the network
  •  Setup & install new/old WiFi routers, hubs and networks
  •  Help connect the right cables between PC and Router
  •  Configure Security & Firewalls for WiFi Router
  •  Scan & remove IP conflicts within the network devices
  •  Show how to share folders, drives, files, printers within the network

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1818 W. Francis Spokane, WA 99205
"We take pride in a job well done". Jason Hubbard, Owner of Geeks on Wheels
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